Padmaavat ปัทมาวัต บรรยายไทย
Padmaavat ปัทมาวัต บรรยายไทย
02 h 44 min
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Rani Padmavati (aka Padmini) is said to be one of the most beautiful women to ever exist. This real-life story is the epitome of love and sacrifice between Rajput Queen Padmavati and Rana Rawal Ratan Singh the Rajput ruler of Mewar. Their perfect life takes an unfortunate turn when Allauddin Khilji’s lustful eyes gaze upon Queen Padmavati. Alauddin Khilji is known as one of the most brutal rulers of the Khilji dynasty ascending to the throne by killing his father-in-law his brothers-in-law and their uncles. He was known for attacking states only for their land and women. Indeed the motive behind the attack on Mewar is none other than royal Rani Padmavati.

02 h 44 min 2018

Padmaavat ปัทมาวัต บรรยายไทย

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